I'm a self-taught Ruby engineer with a flair for building robust, functional Rails apps, and a special interest in web accessibility.

Technical Skills

Servers and Infrastructure

All of my own creations are deployed to AWS. Apps are dockerized and deployed using ECS, and static things (like this CV) get sent to S3 after build. I've previously used Heroku in production too. I also use chef a little, and I am uncomfortable without a good, straightforward CI pipeline.

Storing and Using Data

I've used lots of SQL (MySQL and Postgres ) and some SPARQL in projects. I've done some work with Cassandra and Elasticsearch with big data.

Data Manipulation

I'm good at writing more involved MySQL and Postgres queries to reduce the burden on the application layer. In Rails, I'm used to working with model-level caching and using rspec tests to ensure data qualtiy remains a priority.

Design and User Experience

I have an extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and a little jQuery for little bits of useful interactivity. Accessibility on the web is important to me, and I've started learning about rich javascript applications with Ember.js.

APIs and External Data Sources

I'm really interested in Linked Data in society. I also enjoy working with APIs which add new input and output methods to the web, like Twilio for creating voice and SMS based interfaces.

Software as Business

I've worked for and with many companies based around the Software as a Service model, and freelanced in technical roles. My work has regularly overlapped into marketing, support and even sales.

Personal Skills

I have worked on projects involving writing and speaking

Outside of work, I am learning the Finnish language and regularly help with First Aid teaching.




Interesting Projects